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foobar2000 Beta 1

foobar2000是一个非常非常值得推荐的多媒体播放器,程序体积非常小巧,资源消费很小,界面朴素,原版没有Skin和其他多余的东西,简单就是一种美. 包含了一些播放增益支持、低内存占用等基本特色以及内置支持一些流行的音频格式.

下载:foobar2000 v0.9.6.5 beta 1

foobar2000 v0.9.6.5 beta 1 has been released, with more bugs fixed based on crash report submissions as well as new troubleshooter feature accessible from the help menu
Third party components can now register custom protocols with the File Types preferences page.
Removed the restriction of just one instance of specific DSP in a DSP chain.
Fixed incorrect handling of 3-channel and 5-channel FLAC and Vorbis files.
Converter now accepts alternate names for some of command-line encoder binaries (mpcenc.exe, oggenc2.exe).
Converter and File Operations components no longer strip trailing dots from names of created files.
Improved compatibility with dodgy Windows shell replacements.
Automated submission of crash reports.

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