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Online Virus Scaner

VirSCAN.org 是一个非盈利性的免费为广大网友服务的网站,它通过多种不同厂家提供的最新版本的病毒检测引擎对您上传的可疑文件进行在线扫描,并可以立刻将检测结果显示出来,从而提供给您可疑程度的建议。

VirSCAN.org 不能替代安装在您个人电脑中的杀毒软件,我们并不能实时的保护您的系统安全。我们只能帮助您判断您认为可疑的文件或程序,但我们不对所有杀毒引擎所报结果负责。就算所有的杀毒软件全部没有报告您上传的文件可疑时,也并不代表这不是一个新生的病毒、木马或者恶意软件。就算部分杀毒软件报告您上传的文件感染某某病毒、木马或者恶意软件,也并不代表您上传的文件一定有问题,因为这可能是某一款杀毒引擎的错误报警。当您上传的文件检测后发现可疑时,我们会将可疑文件及检测报告发送给各个提供引擎的反病毒厂商,以供其参考并更新其反病毒软件,更好的为更多的用户服务,避免病毒疫情的扩散。所以如果您不同意此条款,请您不要选择本站的服务。


This service is by no means 100% safe. If this scanner says 'OK', it does not necessarily mean the file is clean. There could be a whole new virus on the loose. NEVER rely on one single product only, not even this service, even though it utilizes several products. Therefore, We cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage caused by results presented by this non-profit online service.

Scanning can take a while, since several scanners are being used, plus the fact some scanners use very high levels of (time consuming) heuristics. Scanners used are Linux versions, differences with Windows scanners may or may not occur. Some scanners will only report one virus when scanning archives with multiple pieces of malware.

Virus definitions are updated every hour. There is a 10Mb limit per file. Please refrain from uploading tons of hex-edited or repacked variants of the same sample.

Please do not ask for viruses uploaded here, unless you work for an anti-virus vendor. They are not for trade. This is a legitimate service, not a VX site. Viruses uploaded here will be distributed to antivirus vendors without exception. Read more about this in our privacy policy. If you do not want your files to be distributed, please do not send them at all.

VirusTotal 是一款可疑文件分析服务, 通过各种知名反病毒引擎, 对您所上传的文件进行检测, 以判断文件是否被病毒, 蠕虫, 木马, 以及各类恶意软件感染.


NoVirusThanks.org offer a free service that scan suspicious files for possible presence of virus, worms, trojans and any other kind of malware using several Anti-Virus engines.
- Free and independent service
- Use of multiple antivirus engines
- Automatic updates of virus signatures
- Detailed results from each antivirus engine
- Advanced details of file analyzed
- BBCode support
- Binder Detector


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