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avast! 4.8.1335

来自捷克的Avast!,已有17年的历史,它在国外市场一直处于领先地位.Avast!的实时监控功能十分强大,它拥有七大防护模块:网络防火墙防护、 标准的本地文件读取防护、网页防护、即时通讯软件防护、邮件收发防护、P2P软件防护.这么完善的防护系统,定能让你的系统练就一副金刚不坏之身!任意 启各项保护模块能够查杀流氓软件.

improvements in some unpackers (WinExec, Installer, ZIP)
improved memory scan, especially under 64-bit operating systems
fixed a possible deadlock condition when copying system files from some removable media
fixed a possible problem with access rights when deleting infected files on reboot
Web Shield: minor stability fixes
Internet Mail: smtp.gmail.com and smtp.live.com now ignored on port 25 (as these are SSL only)
improved healing of some infected files
various fixes and improvements in the scanning engine
Web Shield now scans pages compressed with the "deflate" algorithm
performance optimization of Standard Shield under Windows Vista
improvements in the automatic sample submission system
improvements in the URL blocker

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