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OxygenOffice Professional其实是OpenOffice.org Premium版的变种,当中特别增加大量范例档、字型等资料,让用户操作时更加方便.OxygenOffice本身还加强了试算表软件Calc的功能多 荧幕的功能.用户现在于程式里播放简报文件时,可同时输出至多个荧幕.OxygenOffice Professional是基于开源办公套件OpenOffice.org开发的加强版本.OxygenOffice Professional曾被称作 OpenOffice.org Premium(OpenOffice.org加强版),为了避免名字混淆,后来取名OxygenOffice Professional.

Available language versions: 
- Hungarian (HU), English (EN-US), German (DE), Italian (IT), French (FR), Turkish (TR), Georgian (KA), Finnish (FI), Spanish (ES), Portugal (Brazilian) (pt-BR), Dutch (NL) and Polish (PL). 

Supported platforms: Linux and Windows

Here are just a few of the extras you get with OxygenOffice Professional: 
- More than 3,400 graphics are included, both clip art and photos. These pictures are integrated into the gallery and can easily be placed into any OxygenOffice document. Several templates and sample documents are included, as well as over 90 fonts. The extras are integrated by default in the installation of OxygenOffice Professional, but they are optional, so the user can decide what parts to include and what parts to leave out. These extra templates, fonts, and graphics are free for both personal and professional use. - Additional tools like OOoWikipedia, which can search the free on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia, are also included. An enhanced help menu, additional User's Manual, and the enabled extended tips are great to help beginners get started using OxygenOffice Professional. Moreover you can use more predefined gradients, colors and other useful element. The current version is able to run VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) from Excel documents in Calc (under development) and also you can import Office Open XML (Microsoft Office 2007), Works, WordPerfect files and T602 documents also you can import WordPerfect Graphics graphical files too.

Size: 342 MB

下载:OxygenOffice Professional

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